Bookish Goals for 2020

So I just filmed a youtube video about this topic, and if you didn’t know that I have recently started making bookish youtube videos go and check out my channel: The Adventures of Giz.


1. Read 55 books!

55 is my average number of reads per year and although I could do much better than this, I’m also going to be writing my own book this year and I don’t want to overextend myself.

I have a youtube video about the 20 books I MUST read this year if you want to go and check that out as well.

2. Read 1 unexpected book a month

So I’m pretty comfortable in my YA fantasy bookish comfort zone. And I really do need to open myself up and broaden my horizons a little.

This year I will read at least 1 unexpected read a month. Whether that be an adult book or a contemporary or even an author I’ve never read before. I have a couple of books that fit these categories. Like Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn series or even To all the Boys I’ve Loved Before.

Although this isn’t actually part of this point – I am hoping that this will also diversify my reading so that I can just read something and ignore my giant TBR.

3. Get my bestie to read ACOTAR

Well, this is a simle one. She has already read the first book in the series but all I want is for her to finish the entire series so that we can fangirl about it together.

4. Bookish Art

I’ve signed up for an online digital art course. I love digital art but mine hasn’t been what I wanted it to be which means I’m super excited to learn how to properly do awesome digital art.

My main reason for doing this is to create some hype and love for characters and books because amazing art always draws my attention to a book. It will also help me as I create my own characters and world because I will be excited to share the art of my own creations.

If my art is good enough I might even take some commissions.


I am terrible at writing book reviews. Honestly, most of the time I think no one actually reads them or cares so I haven’t really been reviewing most books. I will always review ARC’s and books that aren’t hyped but maybe just some more reviews or opinion pieces will be a good idea.


If you did not know this, I started a Booktube channel calledThe Adventures of Giz.Β 

6. Consistent Content

I genuinely enjoy making youtube videos and although I’ve started purely with bookish videos, I do want to branch out a bit. But no matter where this channel goes, I will always post once a week, and some weeks I will even post twice.

7. More comfortable and energetic

It’s really awkward talking to a camera as if it is a human being. I get so excited when I talk about books and all the things I love but doing it in front of a camera has been a strange thing to get used to. I just want to up my energy and really be comfortable in front of the camera.

8. Book Reviews

Yes, I already said this about my blog, but I also want to do some book reviews on youtube. They are some of the least-watched bookish content but I don’t care about that. All I want to do is be able to rave or rumble about a book I just read.

9. New Camera

So I have been borrowing a camera for all of my youtube videos. I have been saving up and with my first paycheck coming at the end of February, I am going to be able to finally get the camera I’ve been pining after for months.

10. VloggingΒ 

So I started a bit of a monthly vlog. It is just a few seconds of video whenever I do something with family or friends. I normally get about a 3 minute video per month and I have seriously been enjoying it!

So now I want to expand on this and do a weekly vlog for youtube where I do the usual vlogging things. This will include, writing, reading, what I do during the week and just general commentary. However, I will have to wait until I get my pretty new camera before I can even think of starting this.


If you did not know this, my main platform is Instagram. I am @theadventuresofgiz if you want to follow me there.

11. Photography Course

I have signed up for a photography course to up my game in everyday photos, as well as for my Bookstagram.

12. Camera instead of Phone Pics

As much as I love my Phone, recently the pictures I’ve been taking on it are not what I want. I really do want fantastic pictures and so I am going to start taking my Booksta pics on a camera instead of my phone. There is no reason not to use your phone, but I’ve been doing Booksta for a while and I am bored with the monotony of my feed.

13. More fun, interesting, inspiring,, unique and creative pics

I want to just have some fun! Honestly, there are moments where Insta can feel like a dull, boring duty. To get out of this, I really want to start taking some more fun pictures. With me in them. I want to add some art to my pics. And even do a few outside dress up photoshoots. Maybe even venture into cosplaying some of my favourite characters.

14. Theme

I get bored easily, and I have struggled to find a theme or editing style that I love. I do have a consistent theme right now but there is something missing. Perhaps if I get some more fun pics in there I will be happy, but maybe it is time I try new editing styles and theme filters.


15. Write a book

I have already eluded to the fact that I will be writing a book this year. I am currently working my afternoons as an au pair and thus, I have mornings free! My free time is going to be spent planning and drafting the first book in my trilogy.

Thank you so much for reading the many things I plan to do this year! I’m sure I will reach all of my goals and I hope you reach all of yours too.Β 

Happy Reading!



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