Recently inspiration struck and I decided to start an account on Instagram dedicated specifically to my MANY loved books.

It took a lot of research and a full day of figuring out how to take good enough photo’s of books but I think I have finally done it. Of course, this is only an uphill battle but I am prepared and inspired.

Here are a few of the pictures I have posted already.


Taking these pictures was fun and exciting! It was great to feel so passionate about something. Although it has been just under a week I’m proud of my 74 followers. I also put links up to my blog and reviews so hopefully, I get more people reading my favourite books. It turned out to be more work that I thought it would but this is an exciting new hobby for me!

I found some other Bookstagrammers for inspirations and their pictures are absolutely stunning!

@darkfaerietales_ is just amazing! her pictures are busy and beautiful. I love the crown that appears in some of her photos. The props she uses are amazing and flowers are definitely her thing.

@myfriendsarefiction has such a stunning aesthetic. With the lighter filter, her Instagram page looks stunning and unique.

@lifeinlit makes me feel like I’m in a cute coffee shop. She uses this cool tree trunk slice in her photos that adds such a natural look.

There are hundreds of bookstagrammers on Instagram that have stunning and beautiful pictures. I can’t wait until I have found my niche and I have an Instagram profile as stunning as all of the ones I have seen!

Lots of book reviews to come because I started holiday today. So lots of free time = READING.

Have a great day!

Gizelleย  ย โœจ

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