Stranger Things 2

I’ll say it one more time… WARNING SPOILERS!! If you have not yet watched Stranger Things 2 don’t read this article.

So Episode 1 starts off with a group of people robbing a place in 1984. Although random, it does end up meaning something when one of the robbers, uses Eleven-like powers to stop the cops pursuit. Later we will see how this relates back to Eleven, but that’s much further along.

Once again we are taken to the small town of Hawkins. Will is back, Eleven in gone (or everything thinks she is), Mike is sad, Lucas is stubborn and Dustin is still the biggest cutie. If your reading this you have already watched the whole season, so you know all about Will being possessed by a Shadow monster from the Upside Down, the Upside Down “leaking” into Hawkin’s and Eleven’s general badassness.

If I could say anything about it in a few words: I WANT TO BE AS BADASS AS ELEVEN.

I was a fan of the first season. And I was most definitely a fan of the second. It was creepy, action packed, and I’ll say it again, Eleven is my idol.

First things first,  The Duffer Brothers have confirmed a third season of Stranger Things. Now that we can all relax and not have loose ends hanging around for the rest of our lives like so many other shows have left us with (cough, cough.. Terra Nova) we can all rest easy.

Something on my mind throughout this season was how much I ship Chief Hopper and Joyce Byers. For those of you like my sister, by “I ship it” I mean that I think they belong together romantically. ( I told her once I ship some fandom couple, and she said “That’s called human trafficking” so you’ll have to excuse my adding a definition). Even though they put Joyce with Bob (played by Sean Astin aka Samwise Gamgee, throughout season 1 I felt like Hopper and Joyce had some chemistry. According to Shawn Levy (via Collider), Bob was supposed to die much earlier on in the show, somewhere around episode 3. I am glad we got to see more of Bob, its rare that we see a genuinely nice guy who only ever has good intentions. Without the heroic sacrifice of Bob, I doubt Joyce would have been able to torture the Shadow Monster out of Will. That scene looked a lot like they were exorcising the monster out of Will. Which technically they were, I can handle a horror with blood and gore, even a few serial killers, but at the first hint of possession I run. Just for Stranger Things I made an exception.

In this season I was surprised by Steve, played by Joe Keery. In the first season we saw him kind of fight the demigorgon. This season, we saw Steve take a more serious role. Towards the end of the season, he takes on the role as protector of the children. He uses that bat with the nails in it as his trademark weapon. He seems to understand his role in this crazy group of people, and he takes his role seriously. For us girls out there, he’s also not bad on the eyes.

Speaking of Steve, that reminds me of Mad Max’s step brother Billy. Crazy, violent, and this seasons villainous human. Dacre Montgomery who played Billy did a brilliant job of making the viewers hate him. He is arrogant, rude, and just irritates me. I was surprised to recognize Dacre Montgomery from the 2017 Power Rangers movie. Yes, I watched Power Ranger, and I kind of liked it. Billy is a bully, a slightly attractive bully, but that does not excuse his behavior towards Max. However, in Chapter 8: The Mind Flayer, we see a side of Billy that gives us the smallest bit of empathy for him. He is the way he is because his Dad is abusive. Finally his character has a deeper side that helps us understand his anger. I am hoping that in Stranger Things 3 he changes into a more agreeable character because I feel like he could add something interesting to the main group of characters.

There was one part that stuck out at me, and I just have to mention it. It was hilarious when Brett Gelman, who plays Murray Bauman the crazy conspiracy theoriest said “How was the pull out” to Jonathan Byers who then choked on his drink and looked up at Nancy. Bauman was referring to the pull out couch in his study but that little scene was done so well, I couldn’t stop laughing. We all saw the tension between Nancy and Jonathan and I am glad they finally got together.

My favourite part by far is Eleven’s badass moment where she closes the gate to the Upside Down. We even see the massive scary Shadow Monster (or as Dustin called it Mind Flayer) trying to stop her, but she starts to levitate, and sends the creature back from whence it came. Throughout the season Eleven grows, she was always powerful, but her sister helps her harness her powers, teaching her to use her anger at everything that the people in the lab did to her and her family.

Dustin calling the Shadow  Monster a Mind Flayer showing the boys strong connection to Dungeons and Dragons. Connecting the fantasy world of Dungeons and Dragons to the both of the antagonists – the Demogorgon and the Mind Flayer. I do like how the boys make Dungeons and Dragons such a big part of their lives, knowing that although they are outcasts in their school they still play an integral part in saving everyone’s lives. They don’t let the bullying and teasing get to them, and I found that strength empowering. Knowing that it is common now for ‘geeks’ and ‘nerds’ to be accepted ( I am definitely a geek) but back then these boys did not care about being outcasts, as long as their friends were save.

Lastly, just a side thought, the poster that I used for this article reminds me of the Star Wars posters.

If you have any thoughts on this season leave a comment!

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