Riverdale Season 2 Episode 2 and 3

Season 2 Episode 2

Chapter Fifteen: Nighthawks

Betty leads a movement to save Pop’s from closing; Archie’s friends worry about his behavior; Jughead’s efforts to find F.P. a new lawyer may have serious repercussions; Veronica finds herself caught between Hiram and Hermoine.

The angel of death of RIVERDALE is haunting Riverdale, and Archie. 

At the end of the previous episode we were left with the questions of why this man is the mask is going after Fred and Miss Grundy. At first the common person in all this is Archie. So why is the Angel of Death going after people who Archie cares about, or cared about in Grundy’s case. What I couldn’t figure out is who could have such a grudge against Archie. The man in the mask even used the Cello bow that Archie had given Miss Grundy to kill her.

When Alice Cooper is speaking to the coroner about Miss Grundy, he says it was “A crime of passion, hatred”, this sticks surprisingly close to what Pop’s and the Sheriff said about the guy who shot Fred. Although in the next episode this becomes important again. 

It was such a classic Riverdale moment when Hiram walks in and Veronica says “Daddy?”, Kevin and Betty’s face were classic.

Betty and Veronica are off to save Pops, and knowing our two strong-headed girls, they are definitely going to get something done, hopefully Pop’s will be saved.

Right at the end of the episode Moose gets shot by the angel of death. And once again we are left needing to know more about Riverdale’s angel of death. Why is her targeting these people, is there a connection we haven’t figured out yet.

Season 2 Episode 3

Chapter Sixteen: The Watcher in the Woods

Frustrated by the lack of progress in his father’s case, Archie takes matters into his own hands; Veronica is glad to introduce her father to her friends; Jughead befriends a Southside Serpent on his first day at his new school.

So the episode starts with Kevin running in the woods and he hears the angel of death shooting Moose and Midge. Luckily Moose shielded Midge with his body, and he was the only one who got shot. Moose is alive, luckily. 

Betty has a pretty good question for Kevin, just what exactly was he doing in the woods. Kevin says, “I was just night jogging”, but his late night cruise by hookups put Kevin at risk of running into the Black Hood. eventually Kevin does realizes this with his little flash of a potential death by stranger. 

Jughead makes a friend at Southside high, she’s pretty and is part of the Serpents. She tries to get him to be part of the Serpents at Southside High, but Jughead says he’d rather just be by himself. She warns him about the Goonies, and says that he needs to watch out, if they don’t think he is protected by the Serpents, they will make him their personal punching bags. He starts up the Red and Black, the Southside High school paper. Although the teacher says no gangs and no Jingle Jangle. So what does Jughead do, he tells Betty he wants to write about how Jingle Jangle is coming from the Gonnies at Southside High. We can all see him getting himself into a lot of trouble in the future. One night while he is gong home, Jughead gets beaten up by the Goonies, the next day, he goes and unofficially joins the Serpents at Southside High.

The Red Circle versus the Black Hood

So the episode ends with Archie and his Red Circle comrades making an intimidating video telling the Black Hood that they are here to protect their town, and they will catch him. Is Archie’s little group of vigilante protectors going to make a difference? Or is the Black Hood just going to get more angry and vengeful because of Riverdale’s defiance. 

Does the Black Hood have a reason for going after the people he has gone after, or is it Random? 

Is Archie’s right to think that the Black Hood is going after people he cares about, or is there an ulterior motive, could the Black Hood have nothing to do with Archie, and there is a better reason behind his actions.

In the letter the Black Hood left Alice Cooper, we see that he calls Fred an adulterer, he says Grundy was a child predator and he mentions the sex and drug addled teenagers of Riverdale high, so does the Black Hood see himself as a vigilante going after the people who have done wrong? Who do you think would be next? Maybe Cheryl with her blackmail and arson. Maybe Heirum Lodge with all he has done wrong. But the biggest question we are all still asking is WHO is the Black Hood? And WHAT does he want?

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